Spamhaus Technology

Spamhaus Technology for Email Filtering & Security

Continuous data feeds through up-to-date threat intelligence to provide the first line of defense for email security.

Email is essential to all business and organisations – positioned as the most common communication tool across the internet. However this makes it a key channel for cyber criminals to target and exploit, taking advantage of your data, money and networks.

For over a decade, Spamhaus Technology has been supporting organisations by protecting them from such activities through threat intelligence. 

Spamhaus Technology delivers continuously updated data feeds worldwide; for individuals, businesses of all sizes, government departments and civic organisations. These data feeds effortlessly provide email administrators and security teams with threat intelligence so that you can block suspicious inbound email.

Watch how Spamhaus Technology employs its threat intelligence to prevent threats via inbound email.

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Consulting Services for Email Filtering & Security

Rivium is a certified Spamhaus partner authorised to deliver Spamhaus Technology implementations. With a proven track record, and extensive experience deploying the solution across complex business and government environments, our team of qualified engineers can take you through the project life-cycle to deliver a complete email filtering and security solution.

  • The world’s best IP and domain anti-spam filters
  • The most effective and accurate data
  • The best financial and technical approach
  • Accurate and effective blocking of spam, phishing, and malware
  • Highly effective software with near zero false positives (approaching 0.00%)
  • Full licensing and support

Download Spamhaus Technology for Email Filtering & Security

Spamhaus Technology can help you block suspicious inbound emails targeting your organisation.