Operations Management

IT Operations Management

Gain deep visibility into server, storage and network infrastructure.

Traditional tools for monitoring IT infrastructure are out of step with the constant change that is happening in today’s data centres. These systems are inflexible, costly and are not architected for the complexity of today’s environments. Designed for a single function in IT, they do not work across multiple technologies to help solve problems resulting in siloed data pools. When problems arise they typically lack the ability to drill down and provide granular analysis of multiple IT data sources.

To meet this challenge, IT operations teams teams are using big data solutions like Splunk to collect and analyse raw data from across the business. The most advanced approaches rely on a single system to collect and analyse data across all IT systems. This avoids the traditional problem of having multiple, disconnected systems. It also provides the most complete picture of your organisation’s operations and allows you to respond quickly to both known and unknown operational problems.

Tired of event fatigue? Learn how you can empower your IT operations to find what’s broken and fix it fast with Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) for event analytics.


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You’ll get a Splunk Enterprise license for 60 days and you can index up to 500 megabytes of data per day. You can convert to a perpetual Free license or purchase an Enterprise license to continue using the expanded functionality.

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Consulting Services for IT Operations Management

Rivium has worked with many organisations and government agencies throughout Australia, large and small, to deliver Splunk as a solution of choice for IT operations management. Our team of certified engineers have extensive experience with on boarding disparate data sources within large multi-vendor environments and abroad array of devices including firewalls, load balancers, switches, servers and storage. We cover the full infrastructure stack. Furthermore, out team is experienced in deploying the broad range of Splunk Apps to suite your environment and requirements. The Rivium team can assist with:

  • IT Operations Analytics
  • Virtualisation Monitoring
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Operating Systems
  • Microsoft infrastructure
  • Firewall Monitoring
Splunk Solutions for IT Operations Management
  • VMWare App

    Empowers administrators with an accurate real-time picture of the environments health.

  • Microsoft Exchange

    Service-centric Visibility and Analytics for your MS Exchange Infrastructure and Beyond.

  • Cisco

    Supports Cisco ASA, PIX, FWSM, WSA, IronPort, ISE and Sourcefire.

  • Unix and Linux

    Rapid insights and operational visibility into large-scale Unix and Linux environments.

Download the Splunk Solution Guide for IT Operations Management

Get end-to-end visibility across your IT infrastructure to find and fix problems faster.