Cribl Logstream

Turn Big Data into Better Data.

LogStream delivers a flexible solution to enable customers to choose what data they want to keep, in what format, in which data store – and the assurance that they can also choose to delay any or all of those decisions with a complete copy in very low cost storage.

Just like choosing your own adventure, LogStream can centralise the forwarding of all machine data and get it to the right destination, shaped, enriched, and ready for analysis – or simply on standby for when it might be needed in the future.

Watch this video to find out what Cribl is from a high level.

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Consulting Services for Cribl

Rivium is one of Australia’s only certified Cribl Partners and can help you procure Cribl Logstream licenses, design your Cribl architecture and implement and manage your complete solution.

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Sandboxes are online courses to help you learn about LogStream.