Audit and Compliance

Regulatory Audit and Compliance

A better way to demonstrate compliance.

To keep up with the expanding array of new regulations, Australian government agencies and businesses are faced with the challenge of collecting, analysing, storing and retrieving more data than ever before. They need real-time monitoring systems that can detect anomalies and alert executives and others to what’s happening. They also need risk controls that automatically kick in if certain events transpire, and they need to be able to provide timely compliance reporting at audit time.

The hundreds of customers using Splunk for compliance routinely comment on their ability to quickly close compliance gaps, enable greater levels of automation to meet compliance mandates, and demonstrate compliance across all requirements from a single system. Splunk can help you perform analysis and determine regulatory compliance of people, processes and technologies.

Watch how Splunk helps customers achieve compliance in a much more efficient and effective way. Find out how to use real-time machine data to contextualize the compliance framework and give visibility across customers’ infrastructure into security.


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Consulting Services for Audit and Compliance

Rivium can provide a range of consulting services to help your organisation address the outcome of a compliance audit. Our team of engineers have had significant experience in deploying Splunk for business and government in Australia, and can quickly get your Splunk environment up and running to address your compliance issues. Our team understands the many compliance standards that impact an information technology environment, and can assist your organisation in addressing the monitoring and reporting framework for the following:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS)
  • Information Security Manual (ISM)
  • Defence Security Manual (DSM)
  • Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF)
  • Information Security Standard (ISO/IEC 27002)
  • ASD Top 4 mitigation strategies
Splunk Solutions for Audit and Compliance

Download the Splunk Solution Guide for Compliance

Meet compliance requirements by monitoring, alerting and reporting on machine data.