Training Services

Training Services for Splunk

Attending Splunk education can have an immediate and profound impact.

Splunk Education Services offer a number of classes, courses, programs and styles to fit just about any learning need. All of the Splunk Education Services offerings are designed for the attendee to learn and combine the right mix of technology background and hands-on exercises to keep the student on track, alert, and focused. The maximum amount of practical information is delivered in the shortest amount of time to keep your staff’s downtime or out-of-office time to a minimum.

Karen Hodges demonstrates how to create and use event types and explains how these objects can help you create targeted reports and alerts.

Splunk training programs provide flexible delivery methods

Virtual Public Classes

The ability to take training from a location of your choice virtually across the internet: from your office, home or even the local coffee shop. Splunk understand how adults learn and have taken virtual classes to the next level, and ensure that maximum concentration is kept during the 4.5 hour classes with engaging instructors, interactive quizzes and comprehensive hands-on labs.

Virtual Dedicated Classes

Rather than join the public schedule you can have a class dedicated to just your employees. These classes still run virtually with the convenience of being able to take the class from anywhere with our great instructors but with the added ability to be able to virtually converse with your colleagues and the instructor and focus the class on the needs of your organisation.

Public Classroom Classes

With classrooms across the globe and a new state-of-the-art purpose built classroom at Splunk headquarters in San Francisco Splunk can offer regularly scheduled in-person training. These classes take you away from your daily office routine and immerse you into the world of Splunk. This is the ideal environment to get fast tracked knowledge of how to get the best from Splunk.

Dedicated Onsite

Subject to sufficient numbers of attendees you can bring a Splunk instructor to your site. Allowing lively discussion amongst the attendees related to your specific company’s use of Splunk.

eLearning Self-Paced

The ability to take classes on demand at a time that is convenient for you. Splunk have created some of the most popular classes and other niche topics as self-paced eLearning.

Custom Designed Solutions

Splunk can create custom curriculum to match your training requirements. This includes being able to customise and licence our material for rolling out our education across your entire organisation.

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