Splunk Licensing

Splunk Licensing & Upgrades

Rivium is a certified Splunk Partner authorised to supply all types of Splunk licenses to end users in Australia. This includes direct end user licenses and MSP licenses. We are able to assist you with quotes and pricing for the procurement of:

  • Splunk Term Licenses, renewals and urpgrades
  • Splunk Cloud Subscriptions, renewals and upgrades
  • Splunk Perpetual License renewals
  • Splunk Premium App pricing
  • Splunk Professional Services pricing

We can also provide you with assistance to determine the best licensing model for you, based on your needs. Splunk has various licensing options available which include:

Ingest Pricing

Well known volume-based GB/day pricing option continues to be available. Get the maximum value from ingested data without added cost to increase search activity.

Workload or Infrastructure-Based Pricing

Choose metrics based on compute power. Available for on-premises and equivalent Cloud products including Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Predictive Pricing

Leverage simple, tiered pricing options that scale predictably. Available for Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

Rapid Adoption Packages

Accelerate your data journey with Rapid Adoption Packages designed for frequently used IT and Security use cases. Get started quickly and scale with other pricing options.

Request Splunk License Quote

If you would like to obtain pricing for a new Splunk license or need an upgrade or renewal, please submit your details below and a consultant will get in touch with you to get you the Splunk pricing information you need.