Implementation Services

Implementation Services for Splunk

Leverage our Splunk experts to accomplish more in less time.

Rivium has a proven track record of implementing Splunk for many businesses and government agencies in Australia. As a result, our engineering team have successfully deployed Splunk in a diverse range of environments with broad and varied requirements. All data centres are multi-vendor environments, which means we need experience across a diverse range of hardware and software technologies in order to implement Splunk effectively to provide visibility across all layers of your infrastructure. At Rivium, our engineers have this broad knowledge to ensure your Splunk implementation is a successful one.

Mitch Fleischman demonstrates requirements, packages to download and documentation references for installing Splunk on Linux.

Our comprehensive and flexible portfolio of implementation services

Splunk implementation

Using best practice guidelines from Splunk our engineering team can provide services to assist with your entire deployment including virtualisation sizing, operating system installation and configuration, indexers, search heads, deployment server, replication and clustering.

Asset assessment

A crucial phase of your Splunk implementation is determining which IT assets need to be indexed by Splunk. Our asset discovery service provides the assistance you need to define a complete asset register to ensure call critical systems are indexed to provide the visibility you need.

Data onboarding

There are many different methods of ingesting data into Splunk, and each has their reasons and benefits for using each method. Using Rivium professional services we can ensure you onboard your data correctly to ensure you maximise your performance and insights for best results.

Forwarder configurations

Rivium can provide advice and recommendations on your forwarder configurations to ensure you maximise the benefits that forwarders can provide. This can include performance benefits, dealing with remote locations and also to assist with minimising the volume of data consumed.

User experience

An important capability of Splunk is the ability to customise it to your needs. Rivium can provide the services to develop custom dashboard and console designs, powerful charts, reporting and alerts. We can also create custom data models to make it easier for your team to produce their own reports.

Splunk app deployment

Rivium can guide you through the process of selecting the most appropriate apps to suit your environment and requirements from more than 600 available on Splunkbase. Our services can include the implementation of premium apps, Splunkbase apps as well as other third party apps and data inputs.

Version upgrades

With the Splunk product roadmap providing rapid and ongoing improvements to the core product and premium apps on an ongoing basis, it’s important to maintain your implementation at the latest version. Rivium can provide the services you need to upgrade your environment while minimising downtime.

Technical assessment

Rivium can undertake a technical assessment of your environment which provides a comprehensive review of your Splunk environment to ensure your architecture remains supportable, maintainable and upgradable. This service includes the identification of performance issues and risks.

Project management

Rivium can provide project management services to provide the oversight you need to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget. The Rivium team has implemented many projects of this type allowing us to approach the delivery process in a controlled and systematic way.

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