Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Machine Data Initiatives

Helping you realise the full value of your Splunk software investment.

Rivium’s dedicated partnership with Splunk enables our consulting services team to help you understand and adopt best practices for your enterprise deployment so you can get the most out of your Splunk investment. This guidance includes use-case development, data source identification, architecture guidance, reference architecture scenarios, retention policies, availability, searching capability and more. Most of all, you can count on services that are tailored to your specific needs.

The Splunk platform harnesses your machine data, which contains a definitive record of all user transactions, customer behaviour, machine behaviour, security threats, system health, fraudulent activity and more to provide operational intelligence. Splunk software helps you make business sense of this machine data.

Our comprehensive and flexible portfolio of consulting services

Business case

Developing a business case for Splunk is an important decision making stage in the adoption of Splunk. Rivium can assess your use case and provide assistance to develop a professional business case using Splunk certified tools and techniques and data gathered from other Splunk deployments.

Data sizing

With Splunk’s licensing model based around data volume, it’s important to undertake a sizing assessment. Many customers find it difficult to determine these requirements, and Rivium’s consulting team have established techniques and many reference sites to provide sizing guidance.

Architecture guidance

Expert guidance for your Splunk Enterprise architecture is essential to ensure your deployment is up to the task of handling all the data you want to through at it. Getting your architecture right from the outset also ensures you can scale for the future as you onboard new data and use cases.

Proof of concept

Not sure if Splunk is the right solution for you? The implementation of a Proof Of Concept is an ideal way to demonstrate key benefits of Splunk to the business. With a compressed implementation timeframe, you can quickly see the benefits of Splunk with minimal investment and no risk.

Licensing advice

Rivium can help guide you through the perpetual and subscription licensing and support options available to you when you first deploy Splunk, or when you are planning for future upgrades. This includes selecting the right upgrade path to ensure you maximise the cost per gigabyte.

Faster innovation

By leveraging our Splunk experts with proven experience you can accomplish more in less time, delivering a quicker time-to-value allowing you to start solving real problems faster.

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