White Paper: Security Compliance for Australian Government

Mapping Splunk to controls in the Information Security Manual

The Australian Signals Directory (ASD) produces the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) as a standard for governing the security of government ICT systems. This manual forms the information security component of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) for Government agencies, but has also been widely utilised within the private sector as a base for corporate information security policy.

Splunk, along with the Splunk App for Enterprise Security, provides a security intelligence platform that allows Australian security professionals to implement and monitor many of the controls specified in the Information Security Manual.

Splunk’s schemaless architecture with easy integration of multi-vendor data sources, unparalleled ability to correlate events across huge data volumes and flexible and powerful reporting capabilities make it uniquely suited to supporting the implementation of ISM controls.

The complexity and frequency of cyber attacks is making every company rethink the tools, systems and processes they use for combating advanced threats. Only Splunk can bring together all the types of data required to understand what’s normal and what’s not. Quickly and accurately determine threat activity and your security posture. Use Splunk software to look at tens of terabytes of security point solution data, credentialed user activity data and bring in contextual data locked in key business systems. Find out why Splunk Enterprise 6 and the Splunk App for Enterprise Security 3.0 are the ideal security intelligence platform.

White Paper: Splunk & the Australian Government ISM

Mapping Splunk to controls in the Information Security Manual.