Delivering Data Insights with Splunk

Making machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.
Our vision

Our vision is simple: help businesses get the most from their machine generated data. ┬áData analytics, big data and The Internet Of Things can pose an overwhelming dilemma to many businesses in determining how they can best leverage their data to gain better insights. Rivium’s key objective is to take the complexity out of deploying the infrastructure and data-driven software to run your analytics objective, allowing you to focus on the data itself.

To get there we will be rolling out a range of big data technologies, giving you the tools to get on with the job. Splunk is our first focus, with more technologies to follow.

Our expertise

Rivium’s philosophy is to ensure we provide you with highly skilled and certified expertise to deliver you a reliable outcome. Through careful selection of technologies that deliver proven results for business, and our team’s dedication to developing extensive skills and a depth of understanding in the technologies we adopt, we are able to deliver reliable resources to ensure a successful solution from day one.

As we asses new data analytics technologies and they pass our stringent requirements, we will be adding these to our portfolio and applying these same principles.

What’s in the name

Big data is all about combining information and feeds coming from a broad array of sources, and having the business acumen to make sense of it all. Combining these diverse disciplines, the name Rivium has been derived from the subjects of teaching from medieval universities, the trivium and quadrivium. The trivium (three roads) encompass grammar, logic and rhetoric. The quadrivium (four ways) encompass arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.

Together, these are the seven liberal arts, based on thinking skills. Rivium believes that combining these 7 disciplines brings all information together to form big data insights.