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Splunk To Put Data In Motion with Global Cycling Team Trek-Segafredo

Splunk Sponsors Men’s and Women’s Cycling Teams to Improve Race Performance and Results with Data Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO – October 30, 2018 – Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), delivering actions and outcomes from the world of data, today announced its global partnership with Trek-Segafredo Men’s and Women’s Road Teams, both owned by Trek, a multi-national bicycle and cycling product manufacturer and distributor. The partnership kicks off January 1, 2019, when Splunk sponsors the road teams on their global circuit including the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Tour of California and more, and provides both teams and Trek with actionable insights created by analyzing data from across the Trek ecosystem from the factory floor to the finish line.

Splunk is sponsoring both the men’s and women’s Trek-Segafredo cycling teams, a first in Trek history for the women’s team, demonstrating Splunk’s commitment to a culture of diversity and inclusion. With this partnership, Splunk is focused on analyzing data from all parts of the race experience, including riders, coaches, mechanics, fans and more to maximize performance and results directly from the training grounds, to the track, all the way to the Trek factories and warehouses. Splunk will capture, enhance and drive insights using Splunk technologies, making Trek-Segafredo one of the most data-driven, efficient teams on and off the circuit.

“Being a lifelong cyclist myself, I’m excited for Splunk to partner with Trek-Segafredo to help them turn data into a strategic advantage for the team,” said Doug Merritt, President and CEO, Splunk. “Innovation is at the heart of Splunk and Trek DNA, which is why this partnership is such a great fit for us. We are thrilled to support the Trek team and build upon the global journey they’ve embarked on by making things happen with data.”

Splunk will be fully integrated in the branding of the team, from jerseys to bikes to team vehicles, along with participating in Trek-Segafredo’s race hospitality program around the globe.

“We’re focused first on the safety of shared information,” said Trek Vice President Roger Gierhart. “As technology continues to drive our industry, we’re thrilled to find such a strong partner whose goals perfectly align with ours. Splunk’s support will give us an important advantage in all aspects of our business, including our racing programs and product development.”

“I am excited by the prospect of what analytics could do for racing in the near future, that’s what makes this partnership such a great fit,” said Luca Guercilena, General Manager, Trek-Segafredo. “When you combine the two, innovation starts to take over and Trek-Segafredo will be pushed to a new level in terms of agility, as Splunk technologies help the teams with efficiency, consistency and record-breaking performance.”

For more information on Splunk’s partnership with Trek-Segafredo, visit the Splunk website.

Make IoT Data Actionable with Splunk for Industrial IoT

Splunk’s First IoT Solution Helps Industrial Organizations Cut Costs and Improve Performance by Expanding Access to the Data that Powers Connected Devices

SAN FRANCISCO AND .conf18, ORLANDO – October 3, 2018 – Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), delivering actions and outcomes from any data, today announced the general availability of Splunk for Industrial IoT, Splunk’s first Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Splunk Industrial IoT combines the power of Splunk® Enterprise, the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit, and Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence (IAI) to provide a simple view of complex industrial data, helping industrial organizations minimize downtime, shift operations from reactive to proactive and save money.

The rapid, global digitization of business has led organizations in every vertical industry to embrace technologies that answer their most pressing challenges with machine data analytics. Building on Splunk’s well-established success in IT and security, Splunk for Industrial IoT gives Operational Technology (OT) teams and organizations in manufacturing, oil and gas, power, transportation, energy and utilities the power to easily monitor, optimize and secure industrial applications, data, and assets.

“Splunk for Industrial IoT is bringing industrial operations into the modern era by helping Operational Technology teams keep factories running, increase production and predict problems – while keeping operations secure,” said Ammar Maraqa, senior vice president and general manager of IoT Markets, Splunk. “Industrial organizations have lacked easy-to-use, real-time data analytics that use machine learning to help predict downtime and prioritize alerts across disparate systems so the business can take action.”

“Real-time analytics are paramount to the success of any manufacturer. As one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the world, it’s critical that our associates have access to data that can improve factory floor performance and drive business success, and Splunk has helped us to do that in a variety of ways,” said Erika Swartz, process engineer, Shaw Industries. “We are excited to partner with Splunk into the future and look forward to their continuous innovation in IoT.”

Splunk for Industrial IoT gives customers the proven benefits of Splunk Enterprise, such as data analytics and reporting powered by machine learning, combined with new, drag-and-drop capabilities specifically to address common challenges for industrial organizations, such as unplanned downtime, which can cost organizations up to $38M annually. Splunk Industrial IoT also includes:

1. Security and Compliance for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) – Powered by Splunk Enterprise, Splunk for Industrial IoT helps secure and safeguard ICS systems from emerging and persistent cyber threats, allowing OT environments to embrace an analytics-driven approach to security.

2. Advanced Monitoring & Diagnostics – Industrial Operators are increasingly looking to their sensor and other machine data to better monitor and diagnose operational issues from industrial assets such as turbines, pumps and compressors. Splunk for Industrial IoT gives customers real-time visibility into the health of these assets, providing monitoring, alerting and diagnostics across multiple data sources. Splunk for Industrial IoT also helps monitor the uptime and availability of ICS, SCADA systems, distributed control systems and process control software.
Ready-to-apply Machine Learning models for Industrial IoT – Equipment downtime can cost organizations tens of millions of dollars per year. Powered by

3. Splunk’s Machine Learning Toolkit, Splunk for Industrial IoT gives customers the ability to apply proven algorithms for prediction, anomaly detection, clustering and forecasting to help identify early warning signs and predict downtime of ICS and critical assets.
“Sapura is using Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence as part of its data-driven approach to subsea operational excellence,” said André Merlino, CEO of

Sapura Brazil, a Brazilian shipping company and joint venture between two international energy companies, Seadrill and Sapura Energy. “Splunk IAI is a powerful solution used to improve our capability to better leverage data throughout our organization as we strive to strengthen our safety standards, increase operational performance and deliver better solutions to our customers.”

“Industrial organizations are challenged daily to reduce costs, increase performance and secure their constantly expanding footprint of “connected” devices to remain competitive in their industry,” said Dr. Ulrich Bock, Director of Data Analytics, ESE, a German industrial engineering firm. “Our partnership with Splunk is critical to the success of these customers, blending our knowledge of operational technology environments with Splunk’s powerful ability to make machine data accessible and usable to all. Splunk for Industrial IoT now makes it easy to harness and transform the massively growing volume of machine data into insights and energy to power and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.”

Splunk for Industrial IoT will be generally available on October 30, 2018. For more information on Splunk for Industrial IoT, visit the Splunk website or visit Splunk at leading industrial conference IoT Solutions World Congress, from October 16-18 in Barcelona.

World’s Largest Laser Facility Unlocks Secrets of the Universe with Splunk

Splunk Enterprise and Splunk ITSI Help National Ignition Facility Make Data-Driven Decisions to Keep Nuclear Stockpile Secure

SAN FRANCISCO AND .conf18, ORLANDO – October 3, 2018 – Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), delivering actions and outcomes from the world of data, today announced that the National Ignition Facility (NIF), steward of the country’s nuclear stockpile, is taking action on data from the world’s largest and most powerful laser facility using Splunk® Enterprise and Splunk® IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). Splunk helps NIF to improve system uptime and performance and respond to IT challenges before they happen, giving their team of world-renowned scientists more time back to conduct a wide range of experiments that help keep the country safe.

NIF houses 192 giant laser beams used to conduct experiments — known as laser shots — which promote and enable the bleeding edge of scientific research. Founded by the National Nuclear Security Administration, NIF provides key support for the United States Stockpile Stewardship program, which keeps the nation’s nuclear stockpile safe, secure and effective. The facility also conducts experiments into fusion ignition and explores astrophysics, materials science, nuclear science and other areas that help the United States keep a competitive advantage in scientific endeavors.

“NIF exists to advance science and keep the nation’s nuclear stockpile secure. To do that, our team needs access to the right data, to make decisions and take action at the right time,” said Phillip Adams, chief technology officer and lead architect, National Ignition Facility. “With Splunk, we can bring the data from many disparate sources to every IT analyst, engineer and scientist at NIF. This gives our scientists the ability to take laser shots when we need to and accomplish our mission.”

Splunk sits at the heart of NIF’s Computer Control System (CCS), which manages over 66,000 control points to power NIF’s massive laser facility. NIF uses Splunk Enterprise with Splunk ITSI as a business platform within the CCS, allowing the lab to take action on machine data from a variety of sources, including application data, operational data, and sensor data like laser voltage, temperature and pressure. Powered by the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit, this level of advanced insight allows NIF to respond to IT issues and predict abnormal behavior within the laser facility, which improves availability and enables NIF to conduct over 400 laser shots per year.

NIF also uses Splunk for Internet Of Things (IoT) use cases, including diagnostics and analytics on a wide range of sensors, with cameras, thermometers and motors that are critical components of its laser facility’s infrastructure. Using Splunk ITSI, NIF can detect when these sensors begin to decay, which allows them to repair sensors before they falter and cause potentially unscheduled downtime.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all from our customers, you find an organization like NIF, at the forefront of science and technology, getting answers and taking action on data from lasers,” said Susan St. Ledger, president, worldwide field operations, Splunk. “We are proud to partner with NIF to solve some of their toughest mission challenges as they continue to explore new frontiers in astrophysics and nuclear science.”

For more information on Splunk solutions, visit the Splunk website.

Detect, Investigate and Act on All Threats Faster with Splunk Security Solutions

Splunk Ecosystem Puts the Operations Back in the Security Operations Center

SAN FRANCISCO AND .conf18, ORLANDO – October 2, 2018 – Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), delivering actions and outcomes from any data, today announced new innovations across its security portfolio that will help make it easier and faster for security teams to detect, investigate and act on cyber threats to protect their organizations. Powered by new features such as security automation, orchestration and response (SOAR), the Use Case Library and Event Sequencing, Splunk® Security solutions help organizations take a more holistic approach to security operations from detection to automated machine-speed response.

“As security threats increase in both velocity and complexity, our customers have a more urgent need to take action on their data so they can respond to vulnerabilities at machine speed,” said Haiyan Song, senior vice president and general manager of security markets, Splunk. “The next generation of Splunk’s security portfolio provides a security operations platform, making Splunk’s vision of a security nerve center a reality. The combination of Splunk ES, Splunk UBA and Splunk Phantom enables our customers to protect their organizations more effectively than ever before.”

The global economy continues to rapidly digitize, creating oceans of security-relevant data and ever-growing digital footprints. In parallel, a rising volume of cyber criminals executing increasingly sophisticated, automated attacks are challenging Security Operation Centers (SOCs) to keep up with the new attack surface, which lives on premise and in the cloud. Splunk Security solutions allow customers to see the entire threat versus an individual incident.

The Combined Power of Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and Splunk Phantom

Splunk’s expanded suite of security solutions announced at .conf18 helps security analysts monitor, visualize, detect, investigate and act on internal and external threats via Splunk’s industry-leading security information and events management (SIEM) platform. Following Splunk’s acquisition of Phantom earlier this year, customers can now also take action on their data via Phantom’s security SOAR technology.

Splunk unveiled a range of new features to its flagship SIEM platform, including new event sequencing, which groups correlation searches and risk modifiers to optimize threat detection and accelerate investigations, and a new Use Case Library, which gives Splunk ES customers ready-to-use, research-driven and actionable security content that is relevant to their security operations. The Splunk ES Use Case Library gives customers an automatic way to discover new use cases, such as adversary tactics, cloud security, abuse or ransomware, to determine how to take action on threats within their own environment.

“Insider threats and external cyberattacks continue to have a costly impact on businesses and consumers alike. To build resiliency, organizations are recognizing that they need an analytics-driven security platform that merges security information and event management (SIEM) and user behavior analytics (UBA) functionality,” said Robert Boyce, managing director, Accenture Security. “Organizations are continuing to digitize rapidly, and clients need to look at threats across their value chain, so they can focus on the right threats, at the right time. Accenture is helping our clients improve cyber resilience by providing deep industry-specific solutions that use Splunk’s Use Case Library in Splunk ES and advanced anomaly scoring in Splunk UBA.”

“If you want to stay secure from today’s cyber threats, data analytics must be at the heart of your security strategy,” said Steve McMaster, director, managed security services, Hurricane Labs. “New Splunk ES features such as Event Sequencing and Use Case Library will provide immediate value in our SOC, helping to find and remediate threats faster. We look forward to expanding our use of Splunk and working with our customers to as they continue to embrace an analytics-driven approach to security.”

Splunk Phantom’s SOAR technology helps customers work smarter and respond faster, aiding SOCs to orchestrate tasks and automate complex workflows. With Splunk Phantom 4.0, customers gain access to a wide range of new features including clustering support, which helps customers scale their operations; a new indicator view, which gives analysts a threat-intelligence-centered way to perform investigations; and improved onboarding, which enables customers to take action with Splunk Phantom within minutes of deployment.

“Data is digital gold for every security team, but if you really want to lead with an analytics-driven approach to security, it’s essential that you can take action on the data you are ingesting,” said Sebastian Goodwin, senior director of cybersecurity, Nutanix. “Splunk Phantom has been a critical component of our SOC, enabling us to automate and orchestrate a response to security threats when we need to. New additions to Splunk Phantom, such as clustering support, will help us continue to scale our SOC and respond to threats – an absolute must as cyber criminals continue to get smarter and faster.”

Nearly half of all security breaches identify malicious insiders or criminal attacks as the root cause for data breaches. Splunk UBA 4.2 further extends the power of Splunk ES, helping analysts leverage machine learning to find internal and external threats and anomalous user behavior. New features in Splunk UBA 4.2 include user feedback learning, which enhances Splunk UBA anomaly model scoring to improve severity and confidence in threat detection; improved data ingestion performance by up to 2x, which strengthens data quality; and new single-sign-on authentication support, which helps SOC teams maintain compliant access controls across their security nerve center.

Splunk Adaptive Operations Framework

Splunk also announced the launch of the Splunk Adaptive Operations Framework (AOF). An evolution of the Splunk Adaptive Response Initiative, enhanced with the flexible API-driven framework from Splunk Phantom, Splunk AOF is the industry’s largest community of innovative security vendors, committed to improving cyber defense and security operations. With Splunk AOF, organizations can leverage Splunk in tandem with over 240 security technologies to ingest structured or unstructured data from any source, drive coordinated decisions supported by analytics and take action across a comprehensive range of technologies in the SOC.

Splunk ES 5.2 and Splunk UBA 4.2 will be generally available on October 16, 2018, while Splunk Phantom is available for free download today. For more information on Splunk security solutions, visit the Splunk website.

Splunk Powers Predictive IT for a Dynamic and Evolving World

New Version of Splunk ITSI Enables Unified View of Critical IT and Business Services and Enhanced Automation Capability through AIOps

SAN FRANCISCO AND .conf18, ORLANDO – October 2, 2018 – Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), delivering actions and outcomes from the world of data, today announced a new version of Splunk® IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) that can help IT teams better predict and prevent problems. Splunk ITSI is a machine learning-powered monitoring and analytics solution that gives IT teams a way to quickly and easily detect emerging problems and simplify or automate incident investigation and workflows across all data sources. The new version of Splunk ITSI, which is now generally available, improves predictive analytics through a series of new capabilities.

“IT environments are complex and dynamic, and IT teams are constantly under pressure to make sense of their data and take action” said Rick Fitz, senior vice president and general manager of IT markets, Splunk. “The ability to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict service degradation and prevent issues allows these teams to focus on driving value for the business. We make smart IT teams smarter with a platform that brings together all the data to provide complete visibility.”

“TransUnion uses Splunk Enterprise, the free Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit, and now Splunk ITSI to reinforce system uptime, which helps us complete more customer transactions. High performance means keeping our customers satisfied while maximizing revenue,” said Steve Koelpin, lead Splunk engineer, TransUnion. “Splunk’s machine learning capabilities enable us to forecast, predict and specifically improve our transaction performance in real time.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enables Predictive Analytics and a Unified View of Critical IT and Business Services

Built on the Splunk platform, Splunk ITSI 4.0 provides a solution for AIOps and helps customers go from reactive to predictive IT. This eases the frustration and lost productivity that IT teams encounter when issues and service degradation occur so that they can focus on innovation. Splunk ITSI’s latest monitoring and analytics features and integrations enable IT teams and leaders to better manage their IT environments to maximize organizational performance.

– KPI Predictions provide deeper insights into a potential health degradation. Utilize the breadth of data in the platform to help predict KPIs like customer experience, application workload and infrastructure health, in order to identify issues or outages in advance.

– Predictive Cause Analysis helps customers drill down into the specific services underlying a predicted issue to proactively remediate and resolve it before customer experience is impacted.

– Robust Integration with VictorOps, which Splunk recently acquired, streamlines the monitoring, detection, alerting, and response process so that the right people can be engaged with timely information to collaboratively resolve an issue.

“With Splunk ITSI, our networking teams no longer need to constantly watch a dashboard all day long because the predictive analytics give them enough time to identify and engage operational resources to resolve IT issues before they occur,” said Chris Crocco, Lead Solutions Engineer, Viasat. “The team now has more resources and time to focus on other initiatives in a way that they haven’t been able to do before.”

Integration with Splunk App for Infrastructure Brings IT Monitoring Across Entire Organization

With Splunk ITSI 4.0. Customers are now able to use Splunk App for Infrastructure with an easy interface from Splunk ITSI. This gives customers access to a full-scale monitoring platform that can correlate their server data across the entire organization. Splunk App for Infrastructure gives system administrators and site reliability engineers a unified approach to monitoring and troubleshooting. Customers can now also access Splunk App for Infrastructure data directly from Splunk ITSI to get more detail at the server level. You can download the Splunk App for Infrastructure on Splunkbase.

For more information on Splunk IT solutions, visit the Splunk website.