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Personal Use Dev/Test Licenses for Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud Customers

Given customers the freedom to explore with Splunk 6.5

Want to experiment with new data sources and start new projects? Splunk will soon provide paying customers with individual Development/Test (Dev/Test) licenses of Splunk Enterprise for non-production use.

Splunk will provide paying customers with personalised 50GB, 6-month term Dev/Test licenses for non-production use. These licenses will enable individual users within the organisation to experiment with new data sources, as well as encourage other users in the organisation to try out Splunk in a frictionless manner.

These are personalised licenses that are specific to an individual user within each paid customer account. Each user can only have one active Dev/Test license at a time.

Customers can acquire these licenses starting in early November 2016. The Dev/Test license is not stackable and has certain feature limitations.

Customers should pre-register their interest with Rivium by contacting your Rivium Account Manager and we can provide you with pre-registration details.

Splunk Removes Metered Enforcement in Splunk Enterprise

To optimize customer experience and satisfaction, Splunk Enterprise will no longer shut off search when a customer goes over their licensed data ingestion capacity.

This does not change a customers agreement with Splunk. All aspects of Splunks licensing remain the same: customers will still get license overage warnings and Splunk are retaining the Right to Audit language in the end user license agreement.

In order to enable this functionality, customers will need Splunk Enterprise 6.5 inclusive of a license key with this feature. All new, upgrade, or expansion orders booked on or after September 26, 2016 will receive keys with enforcement turned off. Existing customers can receive this same benefit by upgrading to Enterprise 6.5 and requesting a “no enforcement” key from their Splunk Rep or Splunk Authorized Partner after September 26, 2016.

The disabled enforcement applies to all traditional commercial, MSP, EDU, and Non-Profit licenses. Cloud behavior will not change with this announcement. Hard software enforcement (where we shut down search capabilities) remains on Dev/Test, Free, Developer, Trial and NFR licenses.

Splunk is passionate about customer satisfaction and this will ensure Splunk is available during a customers’ most critical times of need.

For assistance with upgrading your current environment to Splunk 6.5 and to obtain a “no enforcement” key, please contact your Rivium Account Manager.