Splunk for Australian Retail

Delivering real-time operational insights across sales channels

Technology is a key source of competitive advantage for retailers – insight into the machine data generated by retailer’s technology infrastructure can extend that advantage dramatically. Real-time visibility into such data can help retailers improve customer experience, effectively address loss prevention, efficiently process orders and enhance security posture.

Creating a seamless customer experience begins by having the right technology to connect all of your sales channels. At the same time, protecting sensitive customer data has never been more important. With Splunk software Rivium helps retailers transform the massive volumes of machine data into business insights that capture more revenue, improve the customer experience and mitigate security risks.

Splunk is everywhere! Splunk’s Lauren Wang talks about the power of Splunk software to help transform retail operations.


Splunk at 7 Eleven

Fast and flexible analysis of point-of-sale data to deliver full operational visibility and intelligence for better informed decisions.

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Everything you need to know about Splunk for Retail Organisations

A Splunk deployment can support retail organisations in many ways, from enterprise security, operations management, application performance management and regulatory audit and compliance. We have compiled a range of useful resources to help you gain deeper insight into how Splunk can help your organisation.

Who is already using Splunk ?

Many APRA-regulated institutions in Australia are already using Splunk for a myriad of use cases from enterprise security, operations management and regulatory audit and compliance.

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Transform Machine Data Into Retail Insights.

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