Splunk for Australian Government

Improving Operations to Better Serve the Public

Australian Federal and State Government agencies face many data-related challenges, from defending against data breaches by sophisticated attackers to implementing government transparency and service delivery to Australian citizens.

Splunk software provides a big data analytics platform that operates across multiple organisational data silos to support security, IT operations and application management.

Many Australian Government agencies already use Splunk software to streamline traditionally resource-intensive tasks like troubleshooting, root-cause analysis, compliance and identifying security incidents.

Rivium is a machine data analytics consulting organisation that specialises in Splunk and has assisted many State and Federal Government Agencies deploy, manage and support Splunk environments for regulatory audit and compliance, enterprise security and operations management.

Mark Graff, CISO, NASDAQ discusses the new paradigm for today’s cyber threat defense and shares real-life scenarios of how his team effectively leverages enterprise-wide data to manage today’s business risks and combat the modern security threat.


Chandler Police Department

Discover how Police Department Makes Law Enforcement More Efficient with Splunk.

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Everything you need to know about Splunk for Australian Government

A Splunk deployment can support government agencies in many ways, from enterprise security, operations management, application performance management and regulatory audit and compliance. We have compiled a range of useful resources to help you gain deeper insight into how Splunk can help your organisation.

Who is already using Splunk ?

Many State and Federal Government agencies in Australia are already using Splunk for a myriad of use cases from enterprise security, operations management and regulatory audit and compliance.


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Rivium is helping many government agencies meet their security compliance obligations.

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