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Splunk for Australian Financial Services

Managing IT security risk in a APRA-regulated institution

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has identified that it’s ongoing supervision activities continue to reveal weaknesses in areas of IT security risk management. While regulated institutions have the flexibility to manage IT security risks in the way most suited to achieving its business objectives, they should normally implement processes that ensure compliance with regulatory and prudential requirements and the internal IT security risk management framework.

The Splunk App for Enterprise Security is a next-generation security intelligence platform that addresses SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) use cases by providing pre-packaged dashboards, reports, incident response workflows, analytics, and correlations to quickly identify, investigate, and respond to internal and external threats.

APRA-regulated institutions will see immediate benefits when deploying Splunk in their environment that quickly address many security concerns identified in the Prudential Practice Guide for Management of Security Risk in Information and Information Technology (CPG 234).

Watch this keynote presentation from Snehal Antani, GE Capital – Innovation through DevOps using Splunk – how GE Capital goes from whiteboard to fully secured, audit-and production-ready apps in ~30 days.


AZL Pension Fund Management Firm

Discover how AZL improved compliance reporting, and streamlined the security investigation process with Splunk.

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Everything you need to know about Splunk for Financial Services

A Splunk deployment can support a APRA-regulated institution in many ways, from enterprise security, operations management, application performance management and regulatory audit and compliance. We have compiled a range of useful resources to help you gain deeper insight into how Splunk can help your organisation.

Who is already using Splunk ?

Many APRA-regulated institutions in Australia are already using Splunk for a myriad of use cases from enterprise security, operations management and regulatory audit and compliance.


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